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White Branch

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."


-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin-

This quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, holds a special resonance in my heart. Spirituality to me is a conversation about our experiences as human but also as limitless soul. To me it is not limited nor confined to rituals and practices, rather it is staying in true alignment with my Spirit and my true essence. It is expressing my ever eternal Ruh (Soul) through the precious presence of my human self. And so, as we shift powerfully (sometimes painfully) from old paradigm and knowing of the Earth to a New Paradigm, I sense it is time for us to simplify our journey, our practices and the rhythm of our lives.

Welcome to the soulful Journey of Ruh Cara.

Ruh Cara, a name that is both beautiful and expressive of all it offers, translates as ‘Soul Friend’. 

Ruh - drawn from a range of Eastern tongues, means ‘Soul’, while Cara - drawn from the Western languages of Latin and Gaelic, means ‘Beloved’, and ‘Friend’.

Their union beautifully creates ‘Soul Friend’ - a perfect expression of everything Ruh Cara offers.

Neeta is not your average Yoga instructor . She is the real deal, a true gem, one in a million. Her genuine caring attitude, ever changing class routine, the soothing background music, her gentle touch & melodious voice takes you away from all your worries. You’ll feel peaceful, happy, strong, energized and grateful . Neeta’s positive energy can be felt in every class. She is very sweet and radiates love. Her classes are truly magical . Yoga has helped me tremendously in so many ways. I consider myself very lucky to have Neeta as my Soul Friend. Thank you 🧘‍♀️ Looking forward to next class.

There was a time in life where I lost direction and felt stuck not knowing where I am going and what's happening. With so many questions buzzing around, I couldn't find an answer to keep my busy mind at rest. That's when I met Neeta and I am so glad I did. She's is a true healer who has the ability to heal your heart, mind, and soul. Her energy, her love, and her support have helped me to move on in life peacefully. She's a powerful guide who made me believe in myself again. The experience was nothing less than pure magic that works wonders till date. I feel complete and I feel at peace. God bless you Neeta for your healing touch and may you heal many more souls in this beautiful world. 

Our offerings are heart centered - HEART, which we believe is the HOME of our SOUL!

Channel your Inner Light to celebrate your precious soul presence

As an experienced Inner Journey Catalyst, a 500 RYT and an intuitive soul guide, I’ve made it my mission to guide those that seek to enter the doorway to deeper insight by applying mindful awareness to their daily lives. Scroll down to view my offerings.

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