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Yoga Class

I offer 60 minutes of mindful Yoga sessions for corporates that are tailored and aligned to the care of your employees as well as the goals of your work environment.

Corporate guided meditation

30 minutes of guided meditation sessions tailored and aligned to take care of your employees as well as the goal of your work environment.

Corporate Yoga


30 minutes of Yoga Nidra sessions aligned to support releasing stress and holding tensions as well as to promote relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. 


Clarity Of Thought

Yoga over centuries has been proven to restore one’s natural balance and bring clarity of thoughts.


 tataḥ paramā-vaśyatā indriyāṇām ॥55॥
Mental and emotional stability

A balanced, consistent and complete Yoga practice of asan (postures), pranayam (Yogic breathing techniques), meditation and yogic relaxation enhances harmony at all levels of our existence – physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

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