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Why Can’t I Find Time for Myself?

The Ancient Secret to Life’s Pressures


Does this Sound Like You?

You've got a lot on your plate. You're juggling work, family, and a hundred little things that the world keeps throwing at you.


That morning alarm? It sounds more like the starting bell for today's marathon.

Your coffee? It's less about enjoyment and more about survival now.

It's the fuel that keeps you going as you dive into a sea of emails, chase down work deadlines, and make sure the kids have done their homework. It's a never-ending to-do list, and everyone, from colleagues to close friends, seems to have something they expect from you. 


And in those rare quiet moments—maybe it's late at night when everyone's asleep, or during that short drive home from work—you wonder,


"Is this really it? Is this what life’s all about?" 

Where’s the Time for Dreams?

It's frustrating. You had dreams. Things you wanted to achieve. And it's not like you've given up on them. They've just been... pushed aside. Between bills, responsibilities, and life’s dizzying pace, where's the time for dreams? 


You've heard about meditation.


About “finding your center” and all that. Maybe you've even tried it once or twice. 


But every time you think about starting, there's just so much out there. Too many apps, too many methods. And just figuring out where to start? It feels like another job.


It’s not just the daily grind. It’s the weight of expectations.


Every move, every decision, feels like it's under a microscope. 


Friends, family, colleagues—they all mean well, but their expectations are just another layer of stress. You juggle roles as a career woman, mother, partner, and friend. 


Where do you find the space to just be... you?

I Need a Moment of Peace

Your evening wind-down should be about relaxation and self-reflection. But often feels more like another mile in an endless marathon. Every night, as you settle down, the same thoughts play on loop: 


"I need a break. Just a moment of peace."


You’ve been told about the magic of mindfulness. Of reconnecting with oneself. Maybe you even downloaded an app or two. But every time you tried to start, it felt like adding another chore to your list.


Too many choices, too many voices, and not enough clarity.


The weight of it all gets heavy, doesn’t it?

You're strong, and you've been managing it all, but the emotional toll? It's real. 

stressed woman
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I Can’t Spend Hours Trying to Meditate

What if there was a way to cut through the noise?

To find that much-needed stillness without spending hours trying to meditate or escape to a retreat. A way to connect with your core, feel grounded, and reclaim a sense of peace in the midst of life’s pressures.


You deserve more than fleeting moments of calm. You deserve to feel grounded, to embrace an inner peace that isn’t just about escaping the chaos, but about thriving amidst it. 


A peace that isn’t an escape, but a foundation. The question is, are you ready to find it?


What if there was a timeless path, an ancient secret tailored precisely for women just like you, who seek that elusive moment of calm? 


A path not of escapism, but of genuine, profound relief and awakening.

Deep Relaxation That Naturally Energizes From Within

Imagine a practice, an experience really, that doesn't just offer a fleeting reprieve, but guides you into a deep relaxation that also energizes you. 


This isn't about putting on headphones and hoping to drown out the noise. It's about venturing deep within yourself. 


Where every tension, every concern, every weighty thought, simply melts away. 


It's about lightening the burdens of the day and awakening to a clarity and purpose you may have never felt before.

I Already Have a Packed Schedule

No need to carve out hours from your already packed schedule. The beauty of this practice lies in its simplicity and adaptability. 


A few moments here, a quiet interval there, and soon, the accumulated benefits begin to manifest in ways both subtle and profound. 

It's a gentle journey inward. That guides you beyond the surface stresses and into the depths of your being. Touching moments of inner peace and serenity you may have forgotten even existed.

The World Won't Change, But You Can

The external world, with all its unpredictability and challenges, won't magically change. But your relationship with it can. 


Through this ancient practice, you'll find a newfound capacity to navigate life's storms with an unshakable inner calm. 


Imagine facing the most tumultuous days with a serene heart and a clear mind. Not because you're detached or indifferent. But because you've tapped into a wellspring of peace that lies deep within.

It's About Awakening

Moreover, this isn't just about relaxation. It's about awakening. Awakening to your desires, your dreams, the passions that might have been overshadowed by the ceaseless demands of daily life. 


It's a doorway to a deeper understanding of yourself, an exploration that can lead to revelations about what truly matters to you, what you really want from life, and how you can achieve it.

section 8 Numinous Nidra.png
section 8 Numinous Nidra.png

An Ancient Practice Undeniably Relevant For Today

This practice is rooted in ancient wisdom, but its relevance to today is undeniable. It's not about escaping today’s world, but about engaging with it more deeply, more authentically. 

Reawaken Lost Dreams

Those ambitions and aspirations that you might have shelved, thinking there's no space for them in your life right now? This personalized deep relaxation practice offers you the clarity to see how they fit into your bigger picture, and the calm determination to pursue them. No longer will they remain just distant dreams, but tangible goals within your grasp.

Enhance Relationships

With a more centered and serene self, watch as your interactions with others transform. Conversations become more meaningful, connections deepen, and conflicts find resolution with greater ease. It's not magic. It's simply the result of a clearer, calmer mind and heart.

Boost Overall Wellbeing

Beyond the mind, the effects ripple outwards, impacting physical health. Sleep becomes more restorative, energy levels rise, and the overall sense of well-being amplifies. All from a practice that asks for nothing but your presence.

It Won’t Stop the Demands on You

The world won't pause. The emails won't stop flooding in. The tasks won't disappear. The demands will always be there. 


But with this practice, you'll find yourself more than equipped to handle it all. Not with stress or strain, but with an elegant ease, a profound relaxation, and a deep-seated energized sense of awakening to your true self.

But You Will Discover A Sanctuary Within

So, here's the invitation to: 


  • venture inwards

  • discover that sanctuary within

  • experience life as a beautiful journey to be savored 


Life needn’t be a marathon and a series of challenges to be endured. Instead, life can unfold beautifully before you every step of the way.

The Ancient Secret Revealed

At the heart of today's wellness buzz, amidst an array of practices and routines, there's a standout technique that has endured the test of time – Yoga Nidra. 


But what makes it so special, especially when there's a variety of meditation types available at every corner?


Firstly, Yoga Nidra isn't a new-age invention. 


It's steeped in tradition, having been practiced for centuries. Its timelessness is a testament to its effectiveness. So many practices fade away, replaced by the next big trend. 


Yoga Nidra's longevity speaks volumes.

It's Not About Catching Some Zs

Other meditation styles may have you seated, visualizing, or chanting. Yoga Nidra is about a unique state of consciousness. It's often referred to as "yogic sleep." But don't be fooled by the term. It's not about catching some Zs.


It’s about being guided into a state that hovers between wakefulness and sleep. In this state profound relaxation occurs. And the body can begin its natural repair processes.

The True Magic Lies in It's Approach...

While other meditations focus on calming the mind - a noble goal, indeed – Yoga Nidra goes a step further. It integrates the body, mind, and spirit, creating a holistic experience. 

It's not just about silencing your thoughts. It's about aligning every part of yourself.

This alignment is why so many feel rejuvenated after a session. Even more so than after a full night's sleep. It taps into parts of the brain that other forms of meditation might not. 

It allows you to access and release pent-up tensions you didn't even know you had.

Go Deeper Into Yourself Than Ever Before

Nidra Yoga takes you deeper into yourself than you might've thought possible. It offers a chance not just to relax, but to transform. It's the age-old secret for the modern heart, just waiting to be rediscovered.


Now that you have a glimpse of the ancient art of Nidra Yoga, take a closer look at what awaits you in the transformative journey that lies ahead… 

Numinous Nidra (1).png

The True Magic of Yoga Nidra 

Lavender tree_edited.jpg


Numinous Nidra with Neeta™

This isn't just another course or meditation app. It's a carefully curated and personalized meditation experience designed to guide you toward that deep, quiet calm you've been longing for.

Who Is Neeta?

Picture this: a seasoned yoga and meditation instructor with a deep understanding of the practice, has crafted a self-paced digital course tailored to your needs. 


Neeta is not just any instructor. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200, RYT-500, YACEP), a Meditation and Breathwork facilitator, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Mindfulness coach. 


With over two decades of experience, she has held space for over 1,800 individuals across the USA and India, guiding them through the transformative practices of Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra.

Neeta Is Your Personal Guide

Neeta is your personal guide through this journey of self-discovery and serenity. At the heart of this course are the 30 transformative audio sessions Neeta carefully created and recorded to gently lead you into the Nidra state.

You'll receive access to a new practice each week, providing a flexible timeline for your transformative journey through the Yoga Nidra practice. This gradual approach empowers you to integrate the practice at your own pace, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience. 


These sessions aren't just meditation. They're a symphony of words and guidance, designed to take you on a journey within yourself. Each session is like a key that unlocks a door to a realm of tranquility you might never have thought possible.


And then there's the beautiful 212-page reflective guidebook Neeta created. It’s an immersive companion that walks you through every step of the practice. 


It's not just a manual. It's your personal portal to understanding Yoga Nidra at its core. The guidebook isn't a passive read. It's an interactive tool that helps you navigate the practice, reflect on your experiences, and chart your progress.

Untitled design (6).png

Transformative Self-Paced Audio Sessions

Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ isn't just about listening and reading. It's about you actively participating in your own transformation. 


With each audio session, you're guided deeper into relaxation, unlocking layers of stress and tension you might not even realize you carry. The integration guidebook isn't just a collection of words. It's a catalyst for your own self-discovery and growth.


Imagine a life where the chaos of the day melts away, where the pressing demands of the world are temporarily set aside. 


Picture yourself entering a state where you're not just relaxed, but deeply connected with your inner self. This isn't a dream. It's a reality that this self-paced digital course offers.

It’s Not About Techniques

It's not about just learning the techniques of Nidra Yoga. It's about experiencing them firsthand and incorporating them into your daily life. 


It's about finding moments of peace amidst the busyness, and creating a space of serenity wherever you go.


So, if you're tired of the constant hustle. If you're seeking a way to reconnect with yourself amidst life's pressures, this course is your invitation. 


It's your chance to embark on a journey that countless others have taken before you. A journey guided by an experienced hand.


Step Out of the Whirlwind of Life’s Demands


Enter the world of women like Jessica, who, just like you, were once caught in the whirlwind of life's demands. They too felt the pressures and responsibilities that seemed never-ending. 


They too sought solace in the midst of chaos, and they found it in Numinous Nidra with Neeta™.


Take Sarah, for example, a young mother juggling the responsibilities of work and family. She stumbled upon Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ during a time when she felt stretched thin and constantly overwhelmed. 


With skepticism, she began the course, wondering if it could truly deliver the promises it made. As she delved into the audio sessions and immersed herself in the reflective guidebook, a shift occurred. 

Sarah Discovered a Sanctuary Within Herself


Sarah discovered a tranquil space where she could retreat whenever the world became too noisy. She found herself better equipped to handle challenges, responding with a newfound calm instead of stress. 


Sarah's story is a testament to the transformative power of Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ and she's not alone.


Meet Emma


Emma is a professional navigating the high-pressure world of corporate life. In the midst of meetings, deadlines, and constant demands, Emma felt her well-being slipping through her fingers. 


She decided to give Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ a chance, hoping for even a fraction of the promised benefits. What she experienced was beyond her expectations.

Yoga Nidra Became Emma’s Daily Routine


Through the practice of Nidra Yoga, Emma began to cultivate a sense of balance she hadn't known was possible. The once elusive feeling of tranquility became a part of her daily routine. It guided her through stressors with grace and resilience. 


Emma's journey, just like Sarah's, serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from life's pressures. 


The stories of Sarah and Emma are echoed by hundreds of others who've embarked on this journey of self-discovery.  Others, like Kaizin who said…


I Lost Direction

 “There was a time in life where I lost direction...Neeta is a powerful guide who made me believe in myself again. The experience was nothing less than pure magic... I feel complete and I feel at peace.”


They're women from different walks of life, united by their desire to find a sanctuary amidst the chaos. Their experiences are real. Their transformations undeniable.


Their testimonials stand as proof that Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is more than just a course—it's a lifeline to the tranquility and purpose they longed for.


You Are Not Alone


So, as you consider embarking on your own journey within, remember that you're not alone. You're joining hundreds of other women who've found solace, strength, and awakening through Numinous Nidra with Neeta™. 


Their stories are living proof that the promises made are promises fulfilled.


Picture this: a complete journey within yourself, a self-paced exploration that will reshape your relationship with life's pressures, while nurturing your spirit and igniting your potential. 

An Invitation to Profound Transformation


Imagine immersing yourself in 30 transformative audio sessions. Each session carefully crafted to guide you through the depths of Nidra Yoga. With each session, you'll be gently led to unravel the layers of stress, worry, and tension that have accumulated over time. 


These sessions are more than just recordings. They are your companions on this sacred journey to tranquility and self-discovery.

Butterfly art.jpg
Self Reflection.jpg

Your Compass to Self-Reflection


But this isn't the end of your journey. Alongside these transformative audio sessions, also included is a 212-page reflective guidebook, meticulously designed to complement your audio experience. 


It's your compass, your journal, and your companion, providing insights, prompts, and spaces for self-reflection as you navigate this transformative path. 


This guidebook is more than just words on paper. It's a map to the sanctuary you're creating within yourself.

An Exclusive Bonus


Included with Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is an exclusive bonus, the power of personalized support – a thirty-minute, one-on-one live virtual coaching session with Neeta™ herself after you have completed 6 weeks of the program.


This is your rare chance to connect directly, to ask questions, share insights, and receive guidance tailored to your journey. 


It's a moment of connection that will anchor your experience and help you make the most of this transformative adventure.

Hypnosis Time.jpg

How Much Will I Have to Invest?


Imagine unlocking a world of serenity, purpose, and transformation for less than what you might spend on a single massage or wellness session. Instead of one fleeting wellness session, for $297 you'll gain lifetime access to the Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ course, complete with 30 transformative audio sessions, a comprehensive guidebook, and a live 1:1 personalized coaching session, all designed to guide you toward serenity and awakening. You will be able to unlock one practice every week over a ten-week period. This gradual approach allows you to integrate the Yoga Nidra practice at your own pace.  


Am I Really Ready for This?


Neeta's commitment to your success is unwavering, which is why Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ includes her personal assurance: a fourteen-day 100% money-back guarantee. Embark on this journey with complete confidence. 


This assurance is designed for those who are genuinely committed to their personal growth journey. If you haven't completed the introduction and the first week's practice within 14 days, it indicates that you might not be fully committed to the powerful change that Yoga Nidra can bring to your life. 


This opportunity is exclusively for those who are serious about their personal transformation journey and experiencing natural deep relaxation. Neeta is here to support those who are truly ready to embrace the path to serenity and awakening.


As you immerse yourself in this transformative experience, keep in mind that the bonus 1:1 live coaching session with Neeta is reserved exclusively for those who've journeyed through to week 6. It's at this point that you'll have already absorbed the core foundations of Yoga Nidra, making your coaching session even more impactful and tailored to your progress.


With Neeta's personal promise guiding your path, step into this transformative odyssey with complete peace of mind, knowing that your growth and satisfaction are at the heart of her commitment to you.


Lifelong Benefits


The value speaks for itself. The investment for this remarkable journey is an investment in you. Consider the monumental shifts you're set to experience—the unshakeable calm you'll infuse into your life, the awakening of purpose that will redefine your existence. 


These aren't just fleeting moments. They are timeless gifts that will ripple through every facet of your life.


Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ isn't merely about relaxation. It's about igniting a metamorphosis. It's about stepping into a life where thriving is the norm. 


Where tranquility is your anchor. Where the brilliance of your inner self radiates like never before.


You Have the Power of Choice


Today, you stand at a crossroads, armed with the power of choice. The path to serenity and awakening awaits your footsteps. It’s ready to lead you to a realm of boundless transformation. 


Are you prepared to tread the path less taken? To embark on Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is to unlock your potential? To embrace serenity? To immerse yourself in the brilliance of your own awakening?


This isn't just a course. It's a legacy you'll create within yourself. A sanctuary you'll call home. The time for waiting is over. 


Seize the chance to reclaim your tranquility. Rediscover your purpose. Embark on a journey that will forever redefine your life's narrative.

Your Journey Begins Now


Don't hesitate—embrace the profound awakening that beckons. Embrace Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ and embark on the transformative odyssey you've been yearning for. Your inner sanctuary awaits, and the world beyond awaits your radiant brilliance.

But is this Really for Me?

You might be thinking, "Is this course for me?" It's a valid question. Your concerns are understood. Today’s world demands much from you —time, energy, and commitment. The thought of adding one more thing to your plate might seem overwhelming. 

Untitled design (3).png
nee liberty.jpg

Here’s the Truth About Numinous Nidra with Neeta™


It is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. These transformative audio sessions and reflective guidebook are self-paced over a recommended 10-week period. 


They are designed to allow you to carve out moments of tranquility amidst your day. 


Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, you can tailor the course to fit your schedule. It's about embracing tranquility on your terms. It’s not about adding another stressor to your life.


Don't Worry About Difficulty


Nidra Yoga might be new to you. But you don't need prior experience or a deep understanding of yoga to benefit from it. 


Neeta is an experienced instructor who knows how to gently lead you through each session, making the practice accessible, enjoyable, and transformational.

Look Inside

Here is a sneak peek inside Numinous Nidra with Neeta™.


ruh profile image.jpg

  • What Is Yoga Nidra and Its Benefits: Delving into the heart of this ancient practice – its soul-soothing benefits and the potential it holds for your journey of inner growth and transformation. Let these words be your gateway to understanding the magic that's about to unfold.


  • What to Expect on Your Numinous Nidra Journey: Anticipation dances in the air as you explore the path that's waiting for you. Embrace the excitement and curiosity, and let these insights guide you like stars in the night sky.


  • Preparing for Your Numinous Nidra Practice: Like a painter prepping their canvas, you're about to create a sacred space for your practice. Dive into the suggestions, infuse your surroundings with intention, and make your practice a haven of tranquility.


  • Guidance on When to Practice: Time is a canvas waiting for your brushstrokes. Discover when your energy aligns with the universe, and let your practice become a symphony of cosmic rhythm and inner harmony.


  • Cultivating Inner Alignment for Outer Transformation: Brace yourself for a journey within, a transformation from the roots of your being. As you explore this section, imagine yourself shedding old layers and emerging as your most authentic self.


  • Sleep Health: Ah, sleep – the portal to dreams and rejuvenation. Dive into the pages that hold the secrets to nurturing your sleep, cherishing its gifts, and weaving it into your journey.


  • Sleep Diary: This is your realm of reflection, a canvas for your dreams and insights. Let your thoughts flow freely, and watch how the dance of your nights unfolds.

The Promise that Lies Ahead


Now you stand on the threshold of this journey. It's important to emphasize the promise that lies ahead. Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is a path toward transformation. 


A gateway to a life filled with tranquility and purpose. The longing you've felt for inner peace and meaning is not just a distant dream. 


Those whispers you've heard from within—those yearnings for serenity and connection—they hold immense significance. Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is not just about learning a practice. It's about stepping into a new way of living. 


It's about embracing the calm that has been waiting for you amidst the chaos of everyday life.


Transformation is a Process


Remember, transformation is a process, not an instantaneous event. It's a journey comprised of small steps that accumulate into profound change. 


And it all begins with a choice—a choice to invest in your well-being, to nurture your inner tranquility, and to step into a life guided by purpose.


Take That Step Forward Today


Embrace the journey of transformation that awaits you. Your journey commences now. The promise of a life illuminated by serenity and awakening is ready to unfold.

The Promise that Lies Ahead


Now you stand on the threshold of this journey. It's important to emphasize the promise that lies ahead. Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is a path toward transformation. 

A gateway to a life filled with tranquility and purpose. The longing you've felt for inner peace and meaning is not just a distant dream. 


Those whispers you've heard from within—those yearnings for serenity and connection—they hold immense significance. Numinous Nidra with Neeta™ is not just about learning a practice. It's about stepping into a new way of living. 


It's about embracing the calm that has been waiting for you amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Transformation is a Process


Remember, transformation is a process, not an instantaneous event. It's a journey comprised of small steps that accumulate into profound change. 


And it all begins with a choice—a choice to invest in your well-being, to nurture your inner tranquility, and to step into a life guided by purpose.


Take That Step Forward Today


Embrace the journey of transformation that awaits you. Your journey commences now. The promise of a life illuminated by serenity and awakening is ready to unfold.

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