Forgiveness - A spiritual process


In my reflections, forgiveness is being aware of the not-so-pleasant thoughts and sensations that my memory has attached to a person or a situation and are stored under the label ‘HURT’. It is then being mindful of whether I am allowing this label to pile up or instead check off and release. Of course, the piling of these not-pleasant e-motions(energy in motion) is perhaps natural. But to go against the release the hurt is challenging, however, the whole process can also be a very liberating one.

So I let it process...I allow it to churn...sometimes the process is shorter and sometimes it takes many many Moon cycles and even earth orbits to come to a point of forgiveness. The process begins with an intention to reflect on these unpleasant moments, people, situations, using my supportive tools of breath work, meditation, mindfulness and love and care of my inner circle. 

And along the whole processing phase, a moment arrives when it doesn’t hurt any longer. The moment in which I experience this hurt flowing out of my system and out of every cell and pore in my body. The moment in which I feel lighter in my bones and my gut doesn’t crunch anymore. The true state where I truly let go and release, rather than brush it under the carpet of pent up emotions or feelings.

Forgiving another (or the situation) doesn’t mean bridging the bonds with people or situations with whom I have experienced the unpleasantness or the hurt, but rather it becomes more of an inner journey for me to evolve and transform. It becomes an opportunity to let wisdom... a teaching arise from within and give permission to self to unburden my heart from carrying the hurt, most times unconsciously. And I know that this forgiveness arises from deep compassion, sincere heart, and willing spirit.

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