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Updated: Feb 10

As I celebrate Krishn on this Janmashtami, I celebrate His pure essence, His widom and His love! Jai Jai Radhe Krishn, Govinda! Jai Jai Shyam Sundar Man Mohan!

Every year I dedicate this day to the essence of Krishn and prepare my annamaya kosha (physical existence) through the discipline of 24 hour fasting and Maun (silence) on this day, to allow something beautiful to flow through me. And so this year, this art flowed through me as I stayed in my deeper meditative states. Through this art, what also flowed is the significance of these tools that are so deeply associated with Krishn bhakti.

Chakr: to eradicate our self ego that rightly sits on Krishn’ Jupiter finger- one that represents Self ego and all the false attachments.

Bansuri (flute): to immerse in the music of life, of deeper truths and wisdom. To create such music through our powerful tool of breath that enables us to enjoy the sweetness of pleasures that human life offers and also to ease the unpleasantness of the unfavourable experiences. It's a heart’s yearning call for true and pure love.

Mor Pankh (Peacock feather): embrace the inner beauty and wisdom (each feather holds an 👁️ eye design pattern) as well as deepen this inner beauty and wisdom through the soulful connections that nature offers us.

Shank (Conch Shell): Krishna’s shankha is known as “Panchajanya”; it remarks the victory of good over evil. The natural vibration that occurs from the energy stored inside the conch cell, is said to be the cosmic energy of the earth that enters the conch shell. It inspires us to be such a source of energy that merges with that of the cosmic...the pure and most potent one!

Interestingly, the green blueish colors of peacock feathers, the shape of conch shell, the effects of life music, the home to our breath and soul is all associated with the heart and upper heart chakras; and so does Vishnu, the sustainer of life (our heart and lungs in physical body also are the sustainer of life), and Krishn is an avatar of Vishnu. And off late I have been working on my Anahat (heart) chakra. (this post has no ending as I am still working on expressing my Krishn Love)

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