Mindless assumptions v/s Mindful Heart conversations

Updated: Feb 10

I finished reading Don Miguel’s ’The Four Agreements’ today and even though it seems to be a short holds some of the wisest gems to embrace in our lives.

Of the four agreements, the most that stayed with me is ’Don't make assumptions’. And that got me thinking of how this one rule effects our life so much.

Our minds’ predominant job is to keep us safe and so keep us mostly in our comfort zone...or at least keep us within it's known territories. And to do that it weaves all kinds of stories and scenarios that could could possibly go wrong with us...imaging the extent of worst situations possible. And then the plots and turns...the twisting of every possible wrong thing keeps on adding layers and layers of confusion, doubts and resistance that take shape of and from assumptions. And these assumptions could bring any soul to depressive or anxious states, as we slip into the spirals of the weaved stories and situation. And we start believing that our assumption is the real truth and our story is the correct story and we dump that story onto the other.

And we make assumptions about everything under the sun, especially within our relations to our dear (and maybe even not-so-dear) ones.

How simpler our lives would be if instead of making assumptions...of giving in and believing the stories of our monkey mind, we reach out to the other person and have a heart conversation. How much our hearts could just be filled with love and not with doubts about our connections with the one's we truly adore and admire, if only we could lay out our stories and concerns and clear the air out. If only we could communicate responsibly....we could truly love another without holding judgements and grudges and also be free of the constant chatter of our the so called intelligent mind. If only we could replace our assumptions with clear heart conversations, we would be able to embrace and cherish loving relationships, connected families, and soulful humanistic communities.

Time to replace assumptions with open heart conversations.

What story is your mind weaving today?

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