Yoga thoughts

Updated: Feb 10

A while ago, my very precious guru Johanna posed a question to all of us, asking what Yoga would mean to us if one were to take away our asan practice, our techniques -Pranayam, meditation, et all?

I stayed a while with this profound question and allowed it to simmer to connect with what Yoga really means to me sans the asan and meditation. Here’s what flow through me: Yoga to me holds so many beautiful me is it my pure presence. To prepare and hold the ground for my truest essence. To flow through my higher consciousness which is beyond my physical self and is limitless. To live my truest expression in this human life and seek the unexplored creative expressions for my inspirations, wisdom and offerings.

It is also to experience the soulful connections on our journey. It is both the binding of energies and the freedom of free will, in same breath. To come together, expand, then return together to heart Home again.

And it is to honor and celebrate every soul who chooses to cross paths with me.

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