Align with your Soul Self (Mentorship)

Available Online

A deeper inner journey to reflect & evolve

  • 15 minutes
  • Virtual Consultation

More About This Offering

During this three-month period, I will be a support and a friend to your Soul Self with no judgements whatsoever, and be a facilitator and a channel for you to be who you really are - A Magnificent being! We'll connect four times each month. Twice in person and twice virtually (we'll coordinate on dates/time that's convenient for both of us). This mentorship program is meant to support all layers of your existence and help release any past beliefs and experiences that may be holding you back subconsciously, energetically, and spiritually. I will share a synopsis / content list of the program and what we will do each month once we commit to work with each other through this program. If you are looking for a deeper inner journey to reflect and evolve through all aspects of your beingness, and empower yourself with the Infinite Intelligence and the limitless inner resources, then let’s take this soulful journey together. Book a 15-minute complimentary call consultation with me to explore our connection and if we are meant to work together. Please send me an email ( to request your complimentary 15-minute Consultation.

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Nutley, New Jersey, USA

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