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What is Japa Mala

Japa Mala is an ancient Sanskrit term, traditionally pronounced Jaap Mala in my own native language – Hindi from India; this translates literally to ‘prayer garland’. These sacred, beaded garlands have been used across cultures and traditions for centuries as a way to count the repetition of mantras,  as well as being worn in order to benefit from their healing properties.

Most Japa Malas include a total of 108 beads – a number blessed with deep spiritual significance…

This sacred number is found in astrology (the distance between both the moon and the sun equaling 108x their diameter), biology (the 108 Marma points within the body), and language (the Sanskrit alphabet includes 54 letters, each having a masculine and feminine variant - totaling 108), while many, many further examples exist.

To achieve the full benefit when reciting mantras, these should be repeated 108 times. By using Japa Mala, mantras can be counted simply by turning each bead between the fingers – allowing for pure focus on the words and sacred meaning of the mantras themselves.

Working from my sacred home studio, I design, craft, cleanse, energize, and bless a range of handmade Japa Mala – which can be ordered online for delivery to anywhere in the US, and used as an aid to meditative, spiritual or mindful practice, and to align our energy body field. As a passionate Japa Mala artist, I have a deep sense of the significance of my work, and its importance to the spiritual wellness of those who select my offerings.


Each piece begins with the creation of an original design. I view the act of design as a beautiful and creative process, which is itself born out of deep meditation. Next, I work carefully, yet intuitively, to select the most potent materials – sensing the energy and healing properties of each before making my choice.


Naturally, I work with only the finest materials. The semi-precious stones and silver charms are all sourced exclusively from India – ensuring the truest connection to the land and culture that gave rise to Japa Mala originally.


Finally, each piece must be assembled. I perform the stringing and knotting as a meditative practice while working in my home studio, chanting or listening to mantra and soulful music. Every mala is special & infused with high vibrations to support your beautiful journey with.

Handmade - With Devotion

Cleansed, Energized, and Blessed

I clear the stones before and while I work with them. In line with ancient tradition, each Japa Mala I create is cleansed through all Panch Tattv (five elements) – Prithvi (Earth), Jal (water), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), and Akaash (sky/space). I perform a full moon cleanse, water cleanse, sage and palo santo cleanse, and endow every garland with sun and healing energies, before personally blessing each with a series of sincere and heartfelt chants, affirmations, and mantras.

Buy Japa Mala

Through my online Japa Mala store, you can choose between a range of beautiful and intrinsically powerful combinations of stones, silver charms, threads, and tassels. I’ve intentionally created a collection that’s diverse – and I believe that everyone will find something suited to his or her personal needs.


I’d invite you to take your time, in order to make a mindful selection. Rest assured, you are buying from a secure store, while the option for national shipping means that the items you choose can be delivered to anywhere in the US.


If you have any questions about my Japa Mala please feel free to reach out and connect with me.

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