Ruh Cara

Handmade Intentional Jewelry

Welcome to the soulful store of Ruh Cara, your virtual portal to the world of handcrafted Japa Mala - intentional jewelry.

How we got here

Ruh Cara Japa Mala making was born out of one of my 'Download from Divine' sessions- intuitive messages I receive, on and off my meditative states. The design drafts, the colors, the kind of beads, what energies each Mala would embody/support, the name for each Mala, the accompanied suggested meditation and affirmation card, everything is through my meditative state.

At first, I started to knot & string to follow my Divine impulses and to ground myself. The practice became more meditation like for me, as I knot & string each Mala at my sacred home studio, with the rhythmic sound vibrations of sacred mantras, the cleansing fragrances of Sage Smudge stick/Palo Santo and after I bring my awareness to altered states. Post the knotting and stringing of each Mala, I follow a ritualistic cleansing and blessing of each Mala through the five sacred Universal elements, starting at a New Moon Cycle leading to the Full Moon Cycle. Throughout the ritualistic cycle, I continue to sit with the energies of each Mala and receive (intuitively through meditations) the draft for the suggested meditation & affirmation to be able to work with the Mala more intimately and soulfully.

As much as these Malas are my truest Soul Expression, I truly believe that through each of these Malas, we are connecting in a beautiful energetic Sutra/thread! And these soulful Malas will support your truest self expression and self connection to surface up.