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Traditional Yogasan. Breathwork. Meditative practices -
To connect with the essence of your Soul Self!

Center Gradient Transparent


  • Private 1-on-1 | A simple, traditional & sacred practice of Yogasan

  • A one-on-one conversation about the health of your subtle energy body

  • Is your living / working space promoting a balanced lifestyle?

  • Private Session - Mindful Breathwork & Meditation


Welcome to the journey with Ruh Cara, your Soul Friend.

Ruh is drawn from a range of Eastern tongues, means Soul’

Cara is drawn  from the Western languages of Latin & Gaelic,

means ‘Beloved’, and ‘Friend’

Soul Friend’: A perfect expression of everything Ruh Cara offers.

Center Gradient Transparent

Vinyasa Yoga and Mindful Meditation, Japa Mala, Reiki & Energy Work


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