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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."


We all have untapped Inner Resources to navigate through the trajectory of our life. Through the power of our mind, we can access these hidden inner treasures to tap into our greatest potential.


Clinical Hypnotherapy facilitates safe, natural and scientific access to your subconscious mind to unleash your pure potential and experience radical wellbeing.

Nature of Mind:


The natural states of our mind is that of joy, love, and connection. If we are not experiencing this, there are other thoughts distractions coming in the way, and we are not living a balanced and fulfilling life, that we naturally are meant to.

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MIND (Field) Mapping

You are a creative thinking center in the field called Mind.

Mind is not something inside our body. It’s a field of intelligence around us. It’s a channel through which the invisible is made visible.  Brain is a receptacle for mind. Mind seeks that which is familiar. Mind brings the formless into reality. Our minds can be local – in our bodies, but they are also Universal and we can tap into the resources of the Universe.

Whatever I am focused on and whatever I expect, I manifest that into my reality.

Our thoughts are the repetitive beliefs. Our thoughts travel faster than light.


Belief is an idea we think is true. They load up our projection camera. Beliefs are either expansive or limiting. A positive belief gives permission to access our Inner Resources and our Greatest Potential. A limiting belief blocks our Inner Resources and our potential. Limiting beliefs suppresses the full freedom of our Divine expression.

Your beliefs dictate the flow of your energy and your behavior.

It’s not an event or experience that’s causing suffering.

But it’s your beliefs that cause attachments to that event / experience that is painful.


In hypnosis, which is a natural state of your mind, you get to discover what you are adding to and fueling your old limiting story / programming, unconsciously.

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"Through self-hypnosis, you can learn to heal these limiting beliefs."

Sensory Adaptation

We receive information, and function in our life through two sources...

Vinyasa Yoga and Mindful Meditation, Japa Mala, Reiki & Energy Work


Social Media – @ruhcara NEW KERSEY, New York, NY

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Five Senses    |    Sixth Sensory

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The information coming through our five senses is impressed upon our subconscious mind through the environment around us – our experiences with the people, places and things surrounding us. These past experiences act as fear-based information and forms false impressions on our mind as a programming. This information is limited and makes only 1% of our mind.


We become adapted to struggle. We become adapted to the sand in our shoe. We adapt to our financial struggles. We accept the lack, the feelings of lack, and the effects of being lack…having lack. And that becomes our new normal.


On the other hand, the sixth sensory information is one received through mapping the Universal Mind. The wisdom, insights and resources through this Infinite Intelligence are vast and limitless. This makes 99% of our mind (field) which we remain unconscious of.


With a professional and trained hypnotherapist, you can learn how to be a multisensory being from a five-sensory being and experience organic healing and profound shifts in your life.

What would your life look like if you could naturally transform the limiting beliefs and tap into the Universal Mind (field) and become a multi-sensory being?

  • Break through those sensory adaptations to create a new refreshing, rejuvenating, restoring and replenishing normal for yourself – by tapping into your own inner resources through the safe and scientific techniques of altered states in hypnosis.

  • Tap into your own inner wisdom to liberate yourself from the attachments to past negative experiences and old impressions.

  • Free up the inner screen space for new positive experiences and energies to unfold to live a more joyous and fulfilling life.


Hypnotherapists are perception healers.

As an IBH certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’ll train you to train your mind.

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What are goals?

Goals are dreams to which you commit to take action to ensure their attainment and fulfillment.

Are you tired of wishful thinking and delay-dallying on your dream life, dream career, dream relationship? Take the charge of your life by investing in learning life-long skills of self-hypnosis and manifest all that your heart so desires.


Reach your goals by discovering and reversing false impressions of your subconscious mind, Mind (Field) mapping, and tapping into your infinite Inner Resources.

(Re)Discover yourself and live a life that inspires you to love.

Discover the conflict between your conscious desires/intentions, and the lifetimes of previous programming of your Subconscious Mind through integral hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, that has the power to speak directly to the Subconscious Mind using a variety of tools and techniques, as well as mental stimulation for inner healing to occur organically.


How can Clinical Integral Hypnotherapy support your life?

Transform your Personal Lie

to build your Self-Esteem.

We all have personal lies. These personal lies grow from the weeds of old limiting programming of our innocent subconscious mind. These personal lies take up so much of time, space and energy in the form of repetitive self-thoughts. The only thing Self-thought does is to compel you to notice the evidence of Self-Thought. And then you start behaving and living this self-thought. What Personal Lies are holding you back from living the life you so desire? Discover the personal lies that are silently consuming all of your energies and taking over your life.

Transform the energy of your Personal Lie by accessing your own insights and wisdom in the safe and natural states of your mind through Integral Hypnotherapy, so you could live a more fulfilling, joyous, and abundant life.


Learn the tools to transform your personal lies and give a makeover to your Inner Self-Portrait – setting a high value for yourself. This shifts your awareness from problem to solution.


Learn how your subconscious mind will do its perfect job for you, to effortlessly regain your self-esteem. 

Spiritual Maturity for Spiritual Growth

What stops us from being Awake?

  • Habituated life/Sleep of Ignorance. In our daily routine boring life, we are blinded by our conditioned mind and unconsciously create challenges to keep us alive.

  • I am all alone and not feeling connected. The primary sense of separation and suffering is the idea that our Soul is in the body and energetically I am not connected to others.

  • The thought ‘I don’t know what to do’ blocks our Creative Intelligence. To free up Creative Intelligence, shift the energy by asking and focusing on ‘What should I do about this?'


Fears, doubts, and indecisiveness breaks our precious connection with our Higher Self/Soul-Self, the Universal Mind (field), and the Divine Source Energy/God and slows our spiritual evolvement. When we operate from fear, we limit ourselves to the ego form. 


Soul Alignment is the awareness of divine nature within us. When our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, actions, behavior are congruent to that Divine Nature, we experience true Soul Alignment!


Our soul essence gets migrated into the MIND (Field).


When our conscious and subconscious minds are aligned with the Superconscious Mind, we experience Mystical Union. Mystical Union is when conscious thoughts, desires, and choices, and subconscious mind programming are in whole, total and complete alignment and unified with the Superconscious Mind.


With the support and guidance of a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist tap into the fully awakened state of your Superconscious Mind.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Using past life memories, we can improve our current life conditions. When we review past life circumstances, we review the accepted or applied programming in that life, that goes on in this life. Past Life Regression Therapy designs a strategy through natural and safe tools, techniques and states, to bring freedom from the limited programming acquired from past lives. This, in a true sense, is liberation. It’s to understand past life karmas and unwind the karmic influences from this life and experience deeper transformations.

Responsible reasons to do

Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Discover & reverse Past Life programming & related fears

  • Discover insights, wisdom, and learnings for soul evolution.

  • Integrate the wisdom and insights to improve your current life conditions and self-heal the past life influences.

  • Discover special talents, developed abilities from a past life.

  • Identify the type of Karma you are carrying

  • Behavioral Pattern (Karma Hack) - Freedom from Conscious and Unconscious compulsive behavior.

  • Forgive those who imply or contribute as a setup to your Karma.

  • Know your dharma (Spiritual spontaneity) for this life – Integrating resulting right actions and reversal behaviors.


We must heal our minds to resolve our karmas.


Other practical applications of Clinical Integral Hypnotherapy

Conscious Connections


Strengthen your personal relations. Deepen family love and support. Enjoy honest and loving friendships.

Accelerated Healing and Pain Control Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy

Pain Management


Pain is a natural way of our intelligent body telling us that something is not right and is off balance. Surgery Preparation & Post-Operative Healing Methods. Post-Operative Pain Control. Hypnosis Methods for Dentistry.

Let your pain be your medicine.

Pain-relief leads to self-empowerment.

Stress Management


Acute stress is body’s immediate reaction to a significant threat, challenge or scare. It is the fight-or-flight response. It is the function of ANS- Autonomic Nervous System. On the other hand, chronic stress is a state of ongoing physiological arousal. Research and studies believe. The more we get stressed, fewer solutions we get. Through learning self-hypnosis, train your body to be more in Parasympathetic drive, which the state of Rest & Digest, that boosts immune, digestive and reproductive system. And so, it improves the functioning of ‘Higher Brain Problem Solving’ and reduces stress.

Self-Forgiveness / Self-Love / Self-Care 


In the presence of love, that which is unlike love, reveals itself for healing!


About the sessions

Offering virtual zoom or In-Person sessions, following Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Schedule a complimentary 20 minutes discovery call with me.

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Each session runs between 60 to 90 minutes. Since this is a sacred inner journey work, sometimes the sessions run longer and there is no extra charge for them.

Most goals and intentions are worked through a package of 3 / 6 / 10 sessions, and we mutually decide how many sessions we would need to work together for achieving your unique goal.



Neeta Handa

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Hi, I am Neeta and I am so excited to meet you, and for us to take this Inner Journey together.

     As a board-certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Fellow of International Board of Hypnotherapy, I bring my offerings to support you to experience deep transformations and heal, with the power of the mind. Having graduated from the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA*), I completed 500 hours of intensive & holistic training in Integral Hypnotherapy with specialization in Natal, Interlife, & Past Life Regression Therapy.


Integral Hypnotherapy™️ is the only hypnotherapy methodology in the current era to have been scientifically validated by NIH-funded research, which makes my 500 hours of hypnotherapy certification and academic training rank among 5% of hypnotherapists in the United States. Results from a 4 year, 3-million-dollar National Institutes of Health-funded study using the Integral Hypnotherapy™️ approach yielded “superior” results as compared to other forms of therapy*.

I don’t help. I don’t fix. I don’t advise. I, however, promise to be a safe container and a facilitator for you to access the power of your own Mind and tune into your own vast reservoir of Inner Wisdom to experience organic self-healing and profound shifts. I am here to honor your wholeness. To honor my wholeness. The wholeness that is not broken, but one that is Holy the way it is. In this sacred space, we collaborate together to honor, support, and evolve together.


Because Integral Hypnotherapy is adaptive and emphasizes collaboration between client and hypnotherapist, its possibilities as an effective adjunctive modality are vast.

*HAA is North America’s premier state-authorized hypnotherapy training institute.

**Based on a 4-year, 3-million-dollar NIH-funded study treating OAB/UUI.

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The Hypnotherapy Academy of America holds the trademark for Integral Hypnotherapy™️ and Integral Hypnosis from the United States Patent and Trademark office.


Client Testimonials


"Neeta, in a very skillful, caring and compassionate manner, guided me through a healing process to address an autoimmune condition. As an added bonus, she prepared an audio recording of positive suggestions and imagery for me to listen to daily, which helped to amplify the work we did together. I am so appreciative of being able to experience Neeta's hypnotherapy work on my healing journey". 


“I am fortunate to have hypnotherapy sessions with Neeta.  She is compassionate and wise.  Our sessions via Zoom were beyond wonderful, helping me clearly see that I could reach my goals with my new business.  She is amazing and has great insights.   I highly recommend Neeta for hypnotherapy.” --Rosemary P.  Fountain Hills, AZ


Fountain Hills, AZ


"I had the absolute privilege of working with Neeta during a series of Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions. Neeta really listened to me, I felt heard and understood right from the first few minutes. She also really made me feel safe and comfortable to explore myself and my limiting beliefs that I wasn’t even aware were still there. She is expertly skilled, and also so keenly aware. It was just a perfect fit for magic to occur.


From the very first session, I noticed that I felt different. I was thinking differently, and with each progressive session, it went deeper and became more profound. What once seemed to run my life, has now been replaced with such a deep level of self-care, self-love and self-awareness. Her hypnosis audio recording is a MUST for me, every single day. Neeta really saw my potential and never wavered.


If you are wanting to experience profound and positive change, within an environment of such deep empathy and non-judgment, Neeta is the absolute best there is! Don’t waste another day doubting yourself, book her now!"


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Begin your Inner Journey

Thank yourself for taking this first step.

You will receive a free set of affirmations shortly.

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Your privacy is respected.

Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to a person’s internal resources to assist him/her in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change.


Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. Neeta Handa / Ruh Cara does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and her services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.

Medical Support Hypnotherapy is used only as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment. Consultation with a licensed physician is required before medical support hypnotherapy services are provided.

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