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Connecting you to your Inner Self

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Neeta | Ruh

     Hi there, I’m your soul friend, a skilled Inner Journey Catalyst based in NYC / NJ. In 2003 I fell in love with Inner Journey Works and how it has transformed my well-being. After many years practicing with wise teachers & mentors, I have made it my mission to help others heal and cultivate their inner calm.


Your journey begins from within. Are you ready to join me?

Since 2016, I have dedicated myself to helping others feel more empowered and fulfilled through soulful Inner Journey practices, ancient tools and rituals. Every human being has a beautiful light within just waiting to shine, however external stresses, old belief patterns and limiting mind stories can often hold us back from unlocking our full potential. As a skilled Inner Journey Catalyst, I work with you to dive deep and explore, unleashing your true vibrancy and joy. Through my intuitive, creative and soulful offerings, I meet you wherever you are in your journey, hold a sacred space for you to explore within and bring you my unique intuitive downloads and perspectives to invite soulful and powerful shifts into your inner and outer landscapes. Through this mindfulness and heart centered approach, we then hold spaces for much healing to happen organically, and channel your inner spark to co-create a much abundant, joyous and satiating life.

I bring you my soulful offerings with one intention in heart: to guide those who seek to strengthen their physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers of existence, find their eternal true Soul Expression, and live a life of purpose and conscious well-being and abundance. Whether you're experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, seeking more clarity, want to improve your mental state, or simply want to find a deeper Inner Self connection, I'm here to support you to find an alignment with your Soul, unfold your journey within, and become the best version of you that you so truly desire.




Fragile Pampas

"Neeta is not your average Yoga instructor.


She is the real deal, a true gem, one in a million.  I consider myself very lucky to have Neeta as my Soul Friend. Thank you 🧘‍♀️


Looking forward to next class."



"There was a time in life where I lost direction...


[Neeta] is a powerful guide who made me believe in myself again.


The experience was nothing less than pure magic... I feel complete and I feel at peace."



"Neeta's practice is the perfect balance of relaxation and challenge. Throughout her sessions, she makes sure you are engaged and getting the most out of every position in order to become stronger both mentally and physically. She does everything she can to make the environment welcoming and calming. I am so grateful to have Neeta as my yoga instructor and highly recommend all of her services."


"I want to thank you, Neeta, for helping a transformation take place in me by way of your yoga and healing classes, as they help me in my journey. Your breathing techniques, alone, have helped to center my thoughts, to be mindful of my inner self, to live in truth and kindness and to grow with hope. I am grateful to God for your presence, which in turn helps others in my circle, and for the gifts He has bestowed on you. Peace to you Neeta."


 "I consider myself fortunate to have met and to have been taught by Neeta. As a person, she radiates love and kindness. As a teacher, she is a calming and positive presence who gently guides her students through many styles, from relaxation to flow. For me, her classes have not only been a great path to physical wellness, but also a centering and calming of the mind.


On the practical side, Neeta makes yoga accessible to the beginner as well as the more seasoned practitioner by always teaching the person who is in front of her, offering modifications and hands-on adjustments as needed, and because of that every class is a little different depending on who is there. Yet however different, every class invariably begins and ends with a little inward reflection and gratitude, a gentle reminder to let go of what no longer serves you, thereby allowing you to invite into your life something else that is helpful to you. I can honestly say that no matter the class I attend, I always leave with a peaceful sense of well-being, and I will always be deeply grateful to Neeta for sharing her positive energies and for bringing a little mindfulness into my day.


I wholeheartedly recommend Neeta to anyone looking to begin or further elevate their yoga practice."


 "Neeta is an awesome coach. I love Neeta’s classes and the warm, positive environment she creates. Her genuine nature is evident as she guides you on your yoga journey. She is great at helping us adjust our poses as we get the most out of our practice. I leave Neeta’s classes both relaxed and full of positive energy. She is everything you want in a yoga teacher. Her intuitive and healing sessions are super delicious. She guides with much compassion and with all her soul."


 "Neeta is my safety net, the one person I can trust and fall back on. I have known Neeta for past 11 years now and in all these years whenever I am in a fix or need a dose of positivity or a direction or an advice, I turn to Neeta...she is my “go to person”.


This beautiful soul holds the most generous and humble heart and is truly gifted. The selfish me didn’t let go of her from the very first session I had with her many many moons ago. I remember each word and guidance she has brought to me through her intuitive readings which are always so accurate. I have healed and evolved through her soulful sessions. Her knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga has helped me find balance in life, made me agile and energetic and brought peace to my inner being.  


Neeta, thank you for all your support and the wisdom you have shared with me to sort my life and channelize it in the right direction. I am so grateful to have you in my life. God bless you!"


 "My ruh (soul) has a beautiful friend in you. A true blessing from the Divine. Your guidance has not only changed my approach towards life with abundance, but along with this I know my soul has also evolved with every heartfelt session I have had with you. Even after being so far away, you are so close to me. It is mystical how you know everything about me and your visions have set me on a journey to greatness.


Ruh cara is a connection that opens the path for one to touch their deepest self. Aligning the body, mind and soul with soulful guidance and creating miracles in life. Thank you Neeta, my Ruh Cara for everything you have supported and guided me through all these years! Love you!"



 Neeta is an incredible instructor– during the practice she takes time to help you get the most out of each movement and really challenges you to become a better, stronger version of yourself. Her hands-on approach helps tailor the practice to your needs, as a runner, she has helped me recover faster and strengthen the muscles that running stresses. I look forward to her practice every week and I cannot recommend her enough!

Let's Begin.