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À la carte Coaching

"I believe that true wellness encompasses more than just physical health - it also includes emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. That's why I take a holistic approach to coaching."
– Neeta
Conscious Breakthrough
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1:1 Coaching
Conscious Breakthroughs

Are you seeking a powerful nudge to propel you forward in life? Whether you're a new client embarking on your journey of self-discovery or a returning one in need of a profound shift, this single-session offering is designed to bring clarity, empowerment, and lasting change to any area of your life.

As a certified and experienced multi-modality coach, I am dedicated to helping you untangle the energetic knots that have been holding you back. Whether you're seeking mindset coaching for career growth, relationships, personal development, abundance manifestation, or any other aspect of your life, this virtual or in-person sessions will empower you to embrace your authentic self and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Let this single session be the catalyst that ignites your transformation. Experience the power of Conscious Breakthroughs and take that profound step towards a life you truly desire.

  • 90-minute 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Virtual Live Session

  • Discover & Process Limiting Beliefs

  • Goal Setting+ Action Steps

  • Personalized Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Affirmations + Audio Recordings

  • Sacred space created for self-discovery and soul alignment, embracing your authentic self.

Energy Exchange: $500

1:1 Coaching
Money & Abundance Programming

This program delves deep into identifying and unraveling any limiting beliefs, personal lies, and self-sabotaging patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing true abundance. By reprogramming your subconscious mind and aligning your self-esteem, self-identity, and wealth consciousness, you can create a new reality filled with wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

  • Four 90 mins-120 mins 1:1 Personalized M&A sessions

  • Virtual-Live sessions

  • Discover & Process Limiting Beliefs

  • Goal Setting+ Action Steps

  • Personalized Guided meditation, Breathwork, Affirmations, Visualization & Imagery Works

  • Personalized Audio Recordings + Weekly Accelerators

  • ​Sacred space created for self-discovery and soul alignment, embracing your authentic self.

  • Custom succes plan

Energy Exchange: $1497 or delve in our Empowered Commitment Plan

Money and Abundance coaching

1:1 Coaching
Awakening the Soul: Unlocking Hidden Talents with Past Life Regression

In the hidden recesses of your soul lie dormant treasures - talents, gifts, and abilities amassed through the ages. Past Life Regression Therapy serves as the key to unlock these profound reservoirs of potential. With each session, we will venture deeper, unearthing the positive talents and gifts that have traversed time to enrich your present life. As these gifts come to light, you will be empowered to harness them fully, unleashing the brilliance that lies within you.

  • Comprehensive Past Life Regression Sessions: Four live 1:1 virtual or hybrid sessions, each lasting 2 to 3 hours

  • Discover Positive Talent, Gifts, Ability or Awareness You have been carrying through past life/lives

  • Identify limiting beliefs and programming around the talent/gift, process and digest them that have held you back from expanding your gift/talent from Past life/lives

  • Release the blocked energies

  • Integrating Past Life Wisdom and insights into current life situations

  • Action Plan for Empowerment: Guidance and coaching to create Action Plan and Next steps to expanding your newfound gifts and talents.

  • Guided Visualization and Imagination: Learn and strengthen the art of Visualization and Imagination

  • Empowering Positive Affirmations: Receive Personalized Positive Affirmations,

  • Guided Meditations and Breathwork: Receive personalized guided mediation & breathwork to accelerate the progress

  • Coaching around What really is Karma and Soul’s Evolution

  • Receive Personalized Audio Recordings to continue working with the newfound connections and expansion of your gifts and talents beyond the sessions.

  • Learn The Art of Self-Hypnosis

  • Personalized Healing Modalities: A fusion of transformative practices such as Breathwork, NLP, EFT, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Chakra & Subtle energies, and more, tailored to facilitate profound breakthroughs and healing.

Energy Exchange: $1497 or delve in our Empowered Commitment Plan

Yoga & Meditaion

1:1 Private Session
Sacred Path of Yogasan 

Are you feeling disorganized, overwhelmed by brain fog, or struggling with mood swings, anxiety, and sluggishness? Do you find yourself unable to sleep peacefully, plagued by insomnia or lack of restful sleep? Perhaps you're feeling discouraged, uninterested in life, and simply bored and fatigued. If any of these situations resonate with you, then this offering is tailored to bring profound transformation and relief to your life.


As an experienced and certified ERYT 500 Hours Yoga and Meditation teacher, I am passionate about guiding individuals like you through the ancient practice of Yogasan, one-on-one, personalized to your unique needs. Whether you are a busy professional, a stressed-out parent, or simply someone seeking a sanctuary of inner peace and renewal, this offering is designed for you.

  • One 1:1 session 90-minute

  • Mental clarity, emotional balance, increased energy, and a rekindled zest for life.

  • Transformative journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-care.

  • Inner harmony and revitalized vitality.

Energy Exchange: $497 

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My approach

An holistic coaching


The only boundaries you will find the universe are the ones your mind is setting up for you. I believe if we change the way we see things we can change our life.


The only way you can improve something in live is by taking actions. I will help you to set up realistic goals and celebrate small victories. Mindset + Actions = changes.


Client's Love

Neeta has been so helpful and amazing, I feel like she gave me all the tools I needed to change my open new perspectives in my life

Erin W

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