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Integral-Clinical Hypnotherapy

What would your life look like if you could naturally transform the
limiting beliefs that are holding you back and tap into your inner wisdom for
inspired next step solutions?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement therapy that helps you access your subconscious mind. It involves the application of universally accepted techniques for self-discovery, allowing you to tap into your internal wisdom and resources.


Self-hypnosis can help us organically heal these limiting beliefs. By utilizing brain imagery and video, we can facilitate a deeper understanding and connection with our subconscious mind.


Integral Clinical Hypnotherapy TM provides a safe, natural, and scientifically-backed approach to accessing the subconscious mind, unleashing our pure potential, and experiencing radical well-being.

Nature of mind

Our mind is naturally inclined towards joy, love, and connection. However, at times we may experience distractions and negative thoughts that hinder our ability to live a balanced and fulfilling life, which is our natural state of being.

MIND (Field) Mapping

You are a creative thinking center in the field called Mind.

The mind is not limited to our body; it is a field of intelligence that surrounds us. It acts as a creative thinking center and a channel through which the invisible is made visible. The brain serves as a receptacle for the mind, while the mind seeks out the familiar and brings the formless into reality. Our minds are not only local to our bodies, but also universal, allowing us to tap into the vast resources of the universe.


Our thoughts and expectations shape our reality, and hypnotherapy can help us access the subconscious mind to facilitate self-discovery and tap into untapped internal resources.

Whatever I am focused on and whatever I expect, I manifest that into my reality.

Our thoughts are the repetitive beliefs that travel faster than light. Beliefs are ideas we deem to be true and they play a significant role in shaping our reality. They are either expansive, allowing us to access our inner resources and greatest potential, or limiting, blocking us from our inner resources and potential. Limiting beliefs suppress the freedom of our divine expression.


Your beliefs determine the flow of your energy and behavior. It is not the event or experience itself that causes suffering, but rather our beliefs and attachments to it.


In hypnosis, a natural state of the mind, we can explore and discover the limiting beliefs that fuel our old programming and story unconsciously.

(Re)Discover yourself and live a life that inspires you to love.

Discover the conflict between your conscious desires and intentions and the lifetime of programming within your subconscious mind through integral hypnotherapy. 

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that has the power to communicate directly with the subconscious mind using a variety of tools and techniques. Mental stimulation can also be used to facilitate organic inner healing.

With integral clinical hypnotherapy, you can gain a deeper understanding of the limiting beliefs and programming that hold you back from living a life that aligns with your true desires.

By accessing the subconscious mind, you can tap into your innate potential, creativity, and inspiration, and discover a life that inspires you to love.

Therapy Areas

1. Achieve Radical Self-Esteem

We all carry personal lies that grow from the weeds of old, limiting programming in our innocent subconscious mind. These personal lies take up valuable space and energy in the form of repetitive self-thoughts, which only serve to reinforce their hold on us. As a result, we end up living a life that doesn't align with our true desires.

What personal lies are holding you back from living the fulfilling and abundant life you desire? Discover the personal lies that are silently consuming your energy and taking over your life.


With Integral Hypnotherapy, you can transform the energy of your personal lies by accessing your own insights and wisdom in the safe and natural states of your mind. By doing so, you can free yourself from the burden of your personal lies and live a more fulfilling, joyous, and abundant life.


Learn powerful tools to transform your personal lies and create a new, empowering self-portrait that sets a high value for yourself. By shifting your awareness from problem to solution, you can effortlessly regain your self-esteem and live a life that aligns with your true potential.

Client's Love

Hypnotherapy with Neeta was profoundly healing for me, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I enjoyed the audio recordings and accelerator assignments a lot. I feel so much more joyful and excited about my life now! 

Neeta is so caring, compassionate, and dedicated to helping people grow; it’s a pleasure knowing her - a true soul friend, indeed!

Kim G

Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life: Certified Clinical and Integral Hypnotherapist
with a Scientifically Validated Approach

Meet Neeta, a certified Clinical and Integral Hypnotherapist with extensive experience in supporting individuals in their personal growth and healing journey. With a passion for helping others, Neeta has been a great resource and facilitator for various therapy areas such as inner child trauma and healing, relationship issues, accelerated learning/improved test taking performance, spiritual maturity for spiritual growth, and past life regression therapy.


Neeta has helped numerous clients tap into their inner resources and overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and negative patterns that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and living their best life. With her/his expertise in hypnotherapy, [Your Name] has been able to guide clients to access their subconscious mind and unlock their full potential, resulting in greater clarity, confidence, and transformation.


Whether you're struggling with relationship issues, past traumas, or seeking spiritual growth, she provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore and heal at their own pace. With Neeta's guidance, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, access inner resources, and create positive changes in your life.

As a board-certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, Neeta brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to support clients in experiencing deep transformations and healing using the power of the mind. Neeta graduated from the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA), where they completed 500 hours of intensive and holistic training in Integral Hypnotherapy, specializing in Natal, Interlife, and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Neeta Handa
FIBH - Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy.
CMS-CHt - Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist, with specialization in Natal, Interlife, Past Life Regression Therapy.

Integral Hypnotherapy is the only hypnotherapy methodology in the current era to have been scientifically validated by NIH funded research, placing [Name]'s certification and academic training in the top 5% of hypnotherapists in the United States. Results from a 4-year, 3-million-dollar National Institutes of Health funded study using the Integral Hypnotherapy approach yielded "superior" results compared to other forms of therapy.


Neeta's approach to Integral Hypnotherapy is adaptive and emphasizes collaboration between the client and hypnotherapist, opening up vast possibilities for effective adjunctive modality. As a HIPAA compliant coach, Neeta ensures that all her tools, platforms, and practices are HIPAA compliant. With Neeta's expertise and support, clients can unlock their full potential and achieve lasting transformation and healing.

Certification number – F10421-712

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