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Journey to Fulfillment: A Silent Walking Labyrinth Meditation

I recently had an enchanting experience on one of my Saturday morning walks with my fur companion, Ziggy, at Stanford Campus. As we strolled in the embrace of a Californian sunny morning, something pulled me toward the outer Labyrinth path near the Windhover contemplative center.

As Ziggy and I embarked on this journey, I couldn't help but feel the serenity enveloping us. Alone on the labyrinth, I took a moment to center myself, aligning my energies with a few life-force-enhancing breaths. With an intention set for the Creator and Universal Forces to be my guides, I began my walking meditation on this sacred geometric pathway.

My intentions were simple yet profound: Clarity, Fun, Ease, Joy, Connection, Financial well-being, and Creativity. These words soon became my mantra, echoing in the corridors of my mind as I navigated the labyrinth.

Amidst the slow and intentional rhythmic steps, a stray thought occasionally teased my mind, urging me to pace up my steps to reach the center more quickly. Yet, every time I realigned my focus to my intentions.

And amid the meditative balance of my steps, movement, and inward focus—on my breath and intentions, all while remaining aware of the wandering mind—there came a moment that resonated with Paulo Coelho's description of the Aleph: the point where everything coexists simultaneously. He articulated it as 'the Universe being a single entity, a unified Soul. To invoke Aleph, something profoundly impactful must occur—a profound climax, a devastating loss, the resolution of a significant conflict, a moment of ecstasy triggered by something exquisitely beautiful.' To me, this was a moment of pure enlightenment—an Inner Alignment.

In this fleeting enlightenment, I recognized that the desires (Clarity, Fun, Ease, Joy, Connection, Financial well-being, and Creativity) I had been chanting as intentions were nothing but paths leading to what I truly desired—fulfilment. 'Fulfilment, contentment, or satisfaction is my most aligned emotion and state of being. Just as for some, it might be love, joy, happiness, or excitement, for me, it's the feeling of being fulfilled. When fulfilled, I feel closest aligned with the Creator. (This recent realization was also affirmed by my Human Design Chart—more on that another time.) In this Eureka/enlightenment state, I noticed stepping onto the final petal of the Labyrinth path—the center. It was a moment of profound spiritual synchronicity—I have arrived! Physically at the center of the labyrinth path and spiritually in the eureka moment of why I had been chanting these desires as my intention all along—the final destination or state I perpetually seek is fulfilment, whether through the experience and path of Clarity, Fun, Ease, Joy, Connection, Financial well-being, or shaping my creative energies.

Now, seated at the heart of the labyrinth path, facing east, a statue caught my attention, adding another layer to my spiritual experience. (After my ritual meditative walk at the labyrinth, I crossed the street to know more about this Star-Being statue. It turns out it’s a statue dedicated to a Papua New Guinea Spirit Mask that represents three spirits– Yena, Minja, and Nokwi.)

Sitting at the center of the labyrinth, one hand resting on the marble pathway beneath me, and the other reaching out toward the sky, I felt a profound interconnectedness with Mother Earth Gaia and Father Sky. This experience was profound, reinforcing the oneness of all things.

As I retraced my steps outward, insights flooded my consciousness. I discovered that fulfillment is not a fixed destination but a fluid experience in every aspect of life—whether in moments of clarity, ease, or joy. Sometimes, the journey itself brings the most profound sense of fulfillment. And at other times, it’s merely being tuned into the stillness and the precious awareness of being alive in this physical world, in this physical body—that, in itself, is a deeply fulfilling realization.

As I continued my journey outward, I became aware of an inner impulse urging me to rush once again. A profound realization struck me—perhaps the intensity of pain in moments of confusion, unpleasantness, or boredom leads me to believe that just a fraction of fulfillment is sufficient, or maybe I subconsciously feel that I only deserve this much.

In a moment of revelation, the question emerged: Am I rushing through life, settling for fleeting moments of fulfillment because I've convinced myself that I deserve only this much? This thought has lingered within me, and I am still allowing it to settle.

As my awareness deepened, I realized that the energies of the labyrinth, the journey through its intricate paths, the serene environment, and Ziggy’s comforting presence undoubtedly stirred a profound sense of fulfillment within me. Though, it became clear that this 'fulfillment' was not a result of external factors but had always resided inside me, an innate part of my being. If I did not already know fulfillment, no external circumstance or experience could evoke it within me. The fulfillment I sought was already within.

In that transformative moment, I consciously chose to embrace this enlightenment, allowing the stirred feelings of fulfillment to linger. Now, in this blissful rhythm of my meditative walk, my breath, a calm mind, and a fulfilled heart, a stream of consciousness flowed through me, giving rise to the following affirmation: ‘I am Fulfillment. I am fulfilled. I am satisfaction. I am satisfied. I am!’

As I concluded my walking meditation on the sacred labyrinth path, I found a peaceful spot, on a nearby bench. With the gentle breeze carrying the essence of my experience, I began to reflect. A curious thought surfaced: Why document this? A skeptical voice questioned if I was attempting to showcase or draw attention to my offerings—perhaps just my business ego mind seeking recognition. Despite the internal inquiry, a deep-seated conviction led me to pull out my phone and start journaling.

To my amazement, as if in response to my internal deliberation, the universe offered a sign—11:11, a confirmation that this expression was more than a personal reflection; it was meant to be shared.

And so, here it is—a glimpse into my silent walking labyrinth meditation. It's not just a recounting of personal experiences; it's a shared journey, an exploration of fulfillment, a celebration of the present, and a reminder to all, including myself, that we are worthy of all the abundance the universe has to offer.

As you absorb the essence of my silent walking labyrinth meditation, I invite you to pause for a moment and reflect on the following prompts. Choose a reflection prompt that tugs at your heart, and let your thoughts flow into the comments below. In this sacred space, let's intertwine our stories and illuminate the path to fulfillment together. Remember, your journey is worthy of celebration, and the universe eagerly awaits your unique expression.

1. Which of the intentions (Clarity, Fun, Ease, Joy, Connection, Financial well-being, Creativity) deeply resonates with your soul right now? Why do you think it holds such significance for you at this moment?

2. Recall a time when you felt a profound inner alignment or enlightenment. What were you doing, and what insights did you gain about your true desires and fulfillment?

3.Reflect on a personal goal or desire. Do you find more joy and fulfillment in the journey itself or in reaching the destination? Share a brief experience that highlights your preference.

4.Consider moments when you have felt the need to rush through life. What emotions drove this urgency, and looking back, do you believe you deserved more moments of fulfillment?

5.Think about instances when external factors influenced your sense of fulfillment. How does the idea that fulfillment is already within you resonate with your experiences? Share a glimpse of this internal journey.


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